What is bodyboarding? Where do I start?

    A bodyboard is used to ride a wave, but when you get out there you’ll realize that there’s an exhilarating and fun experience that goes along with it. If you’re planning on getting on a bodyboard, it’s probably a good idea to get some fins too. When you’re sitting on a bodyboard in the ocean, you’re gonna want that extra swimming power that a good set of fins will give you.

    How do I choose the best bodyboard?

    Catch the wave and see what bodyboarding is all about. It’s really as simple as that! Check out all of the great bodyboarding gear we’ve got available. Don’t forget to browse our bodyboarding packages that are a great value to get you started and out on the board.  We’ve got all the best brands, so you don’t have to shop anywhere else for a nice bodyboard.  662 Bodyboard Shop is the best place to find the gear you need.  Check out our site and contact us.

      What is the best bodyboard?

      Most people would say “that’s a tuff question” … but not at 662.  We’ve got it figured out!  We only carry the best bodyboards so be sure you’re getting a good board if you’re seeing it on our site.  There are a few popular bodyboarding brands that we don’t carry, but we’ve chosen our line carefully.  You’ll find the best bodyboard at the best value in your price range.  Check it out.

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